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In the highly touted, academic hub that is Urban Dictionary, a Groupie is defined as The individual, or group of individuals, involved in obsessive adoration of entertainers such as musicians, actors, athletes, and even political figures.

Behaviors are juvenile and influenced oftentimes by crush-like emotions or lustful sentiments, and often infringe the rights of the figure experiencing the attentions of a frenzied fanatic. 

Ex. Kate Hudson plays a super thirsty Groupie in Almost Famous

Now that we've gotten the background info out of the way, gotta say our boy V you must be really going through it! haha

It seems our TheeWebsite superstar is on code red when it comes to Sympin' this Holiday Season. haha.. "Groupie" an undeniable hit mixing V's unique pop-swag style with old school R&B melodies and a swagged out track produced by Whitty. 

V's swaying harmonies and stacked vocal production has been a trending theme within his music and provides him with a great sound that will be sure to carry over into 2011. Click the top image to listen to and purchase "Groupie" today. 




Never did anyone think that would be a headline for a story in the million years of Barbara Walters' career, but it's true, the madam of celebrity interviews learned how to dougie and proceeded to get waving from side to side with Justin Bieber. 

Though Barb's wasn't limber enough to take it low, she held her own,and  even got a little cocky when she finally figured out how to get her moves down. Joking with Bieber,"  "Oo, That's it."

The four time Grammy winner seems to have the world at his fingertips, could he be the next era Michael Jackson that everyone's predicting? Let us know.  





As the immense anticipation continues to build for December 17th release of the Tron sequel Tron:Legacy, Disney finds new ways to capitalize on fans obsession with more collectibles to satisfy their Tron needs.

This time around Disney features a couple collabs with French electro super-powerhouse producers Daft Punk, who also composed the Tron SOundtrack.

The release of their $350 limited edition headphones come complete with LED lights that recreate the movie animated lighting effects. Along with the Headphones there is also a pair of Daft Punk x Tron Medicom Figurines in the shape of a mouse in ode to king mouse himself, Mickey. 



Disney is obviously trying to hop onto the Beats wave while also swooping a couple more fans from Daft Punks circle of die hard fans. Though the recent release of the Tron: Legacy soundtrack came with tons of critiques and unsatisfied listeners you can't help but enjoy the genius that is Daft Punk and their willingness to step outside of their own box and use their influence of rhythm driven electro/house party tracks to dive into the depths of orchestral musical composition.   






Thom Yorke's wording and lyrical choice in songs have always been poetic, demanding listeners to look beyond whats painted on the canvas.  "Like Spinning Plates" is one of those songs that illustrates the kind of mastery of thought and capturing of emotion that goes into Thom Yorke's work. 


Song: Like Spinning Plates

Written By: Thom Yorke


While you make pretty speeches,
I'm being cut to shreds
You feed me to the lions,
a delicate balance

And this just feels like spinning plates
I'm living in cloud cuckoo land
And this just feels like spinning plates
My body is floating down the muddy river 





The song explores the juggling act of life that requires us to test human ability to its barest form. The ways in which we are being forced to constantly push the limits of our mind, body and soul in order to achieve, and maintain an unfulfilling lifestyle. Slowly finding yourself fading further and further away from your true passions and love.

After it all, the battle has no victory and the unpaved road has no end when your heart has no destination.


TheeWebsite's Featured Artist Dylan composed an amazing remake of "Like Spinning Lights", that is currently available on TheeWebsite along with a dope video. Check them both out now on Dylans Artist Page. 



                                  Click Image to Visit Dylans Artist Page




For those of you who've been touched by the dub and house movement that has encompassed our nation this year, probably wished you were with us this past weekend, as we hit one of Hollywood's dopest DJ venues, Avalon, to catch Sweedish House mafia member, Steve Angello drop the dirtiest and nastiest tracks all night.


After year's of underground buzz and fame, it's amazing to see the talented artists that make up the house music community get the proper recognition and love that their music deserves.



  If you haven't had the chance to listen to Steve Angello or SHM music then their latest smash single "Miami to Ibiza"(link to free download via TheeWebsite)featuring UK's own hype rapper, Tinie Tempah is the perfect introductory track to Angello's face melting brilliance.  Checkout the Exclusive pictorals we got on deck from the event featuring all the members of Sweedish House Mafia on stage and behind the scenes, plus crowd shots and of course chow flix are on deck too. 



Like always thanks for the dope photography from Matthew Little( 


Lookout next week for exclsuive photos and a recap from the Bassnectar show this up-coming Saturday, Dec. 11 in San Francisco.  




Generation Y? Are we the start of new era or the end of something great. All I know is they keep talking about us like we are the second coming of Jesus. But who are they anyway? Telling us how to behave, telling us how to portray, don't they know it's us who makes the important decisions now-a-days.

The days of the cookie cutters are over because white fences don't enclose the confines of our happyness, with a Y. The Peter Pan Generation will continue day-dreaming and delaying til the jobs we're offered equal the pay. We'll keep praying for peace like our mothers taught us but we ain't soft, we'll fight for our rights like our forefathers wanted. 


Kent Massacre March 5, 1970

Shaped by the students killed in the Kent Massacre, the persistent ass of Rosa Parks, and the rhythmic vocals of Martin Luther. How is it WE gave birth to the L.A. Riots, Jena 6 and the War on Terror. This is our time to shine, do we want to leave the same shadows in history as the boomers before us. 

Maybe we are the echo boomers they claim. Maybe the only thing poppin' about our culture is in the microwave.  Cause like bacteria anything along our land we consumin', eatin', deletin', ruin. Biggest Assholes of all time, humans were a shoe-in from the being. 


Tibetan Protestors Seek Refuge From Chinese Control.

But not even Renaissance artists could envision the power of Generation who, what, where, Y? As the Omega gets lost in the worlds wide web, browsing through life disconnected from the central unit. We seek a bond beyond the physical within the realms of our social networks. No longer the MTV but instead the Facebook Generation. Not connected by Avatar's Ey'Wa but find comfort in knowing there's 2 billion of us only a thought, I mean, a click away.


Iranian Woman 2010, Still Need a Voice

We born not knowing or we born knowing all? Are we growing wiser or are we just growing tall? The questions of a conscious revolution, the questions of a liberated Generation. Our eyes, our ears, our voices, they are the filters that will be recording the history of Change that will one day playback as the most important times of human existence. 


Says it all, but we must continue the battle. 



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