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Generation Y? Are we the start of new era or the end of something great. All I know is they keep talking about us like we are the second coming of Jesus. But who are they anyway? Telling us how to behave, telling us how to portray, don't they know it's us who makes the important decisions now-a-days.

The days of the cookie cutters are over because white fences don't enclose the confines of our happyness, with a Y. The Peter Pan Generation will continue day-dreaming and delaying til the jobs we're offered equal the pay. We'll keep praying for peace like our mothers taught us but we ain't soft, we'll fight for our rights like our forefathers wanted. 


Kent Massacre March 5, 1970

Shaped by the students killed in the Kent Massacre, the persistent ass of Rosa Parks, and the rhythmic vocals of Martin Luther. How is it WE gave birth to the L.A. Riots, Jena 6 and the War on Terror. This is our time to shine, do we want to leave the same shadows in history as the boomers before us. 

Maybe we are the echo boomers they claim. Maybe the only thing poppin' about our culture is in the microwave.  Cause like bacteria anything along our land we consumin', eatin', deletin', ruin. Biggest Assholes of all time, humans were a shoe-in from the being. 


Tibetan Protestors Seek Refuge From Chinese Control.

But not even Renaissance artists could envision the power of Generation who, what, where, Y? As the Omega gets lost in the worlds wide web, browsing through life disconnected from the central unit. We seek a bond beyond the physical within the realms of our social networks. No longer the MTV but instead the Facebook Generation. Not connected by Avatar's Ey'Wa but find comfort in knowing there's 2 billion of us only a thought, I mean, a click away.


Iranian Woman 2010, Still Need a Voice

We born not knowing or we born knowing all? Are we growing wiser or are we just growing tall? The questions of a conscious revolution, the questions of a liberated Generation. Our eyes, our ears, our voices, they are the filters that will be recording the history of Change that will one day playback as the most important times of human existence. 


Says it all, but we must continue the battle. 






NASA announced this morning that they have discovered alien life in where else but California along the volcanic floors of Mono Lake. This extra terrestrial being defies the basic laws that scientists once held in terms of the biology of life on this planet. For the first time they found a microbe that lives on arsenic rather than phosphorous. It is simply unlike any other lifeform on the planet – from the the most basic bacteria to the most complex mammal.

“It’s terrestrial life – but not life as we know it,” said Mary Voytek, director of NASA’s astrobiology program.

All life so far discovered by scientists is composed of combinations of the same six elements: carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, sulfur and phosphorus.


Mono Lake, Site of Arsenic Bacteria Discovery 

But Felisa Wolfe-Simon, a scientist at Arizona State University’s School of Earth and Space Exploration, found a strain of Halomonadaceae bacteria on the bottom of California’s volcanic Mono Lake that lives without any phosphorus. Instead, it uses arsenic to build cells. On its DNA strand, where phosphorus should be, is instead arsenic.

The implications are profound. Astrobiologists looking for life on other planets may be able to vastly expand their search to places with non-Earth environments.


Newly Discovered Arsenic Bacteria

“We’ve cracked open the door to what’s possible for life elsewhere in the universe,” said Wolfe-Simon. “What else might we find?”

NASA planetary scientist Pamela Conrad said “the implication is that we still don’t know everything there is to know about what might make a planet habitable.”

All we can do now is sit back and let the drama unfold as scientists begin to dive deeper into the realms of the unknown. 



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With thee holiday season now in full effect everyone is scrambling around to prepare for their vacations, a lot of good eating, and most importantly the sharing and receiving of gifts. That in mind, the start of this joyous month is also used to recognize and gain awareness to the HIV/AIDS epidemic and those fighting the disease.

This year was an especially big stepping stone in the fight against AIDS with the implementation of President Obama's National Aids/HIV Strategy(NAHS) that led to the discovery of a vaccine that helped prevent the spread of 40-75% of HIV virus's throughout human cells.  (via


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These positive results have been due in large part do to the million and millions of dollars generated through the (RED) foundation. (RED)  collaborates with some of the worlds largest corporations from Nike/Converse to Gap to Starbucks, to provide everyone with a chance to help fight against this deadly disease.

So as you go around shopping for your respective holiday's please lookout for these (RED) products as gifts for your loved one's or yourself because this continued support and recognition could help stop a baby from ever being born again with AIDS/HIV virus by 2015. Also if you have a twitter or Facebook help spread the #JoinRED movement; awareness is key if we plan on preserving our livelihood as a people. 







 Inspiration can be found in the strangest and most obscure places, a movie about a boxer can inspire you to work harder, a song about love could make you realize your in the wrong relationship, everyday some how some way we are inspired by the situations and people around us. The farther along you travel down the path of knowing you come to find more and more pieces to the puzzle of your life, that will in time shape who and what you become. 

 For Kobe Bryant, the greatest active basketball player, this inspiration was strangely spawned by the will of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Kobe was recently featured in an interview with Yahoo Sports, in which he talked about how Jackson actually went out of his way to mentor young Bryant when he was only a rookie at the Lakers receiving a lot of heat for his youth and inexperience early in his career.



Kobe went on to talk about the in-depth conversations he had with Michael, and how they affect him to this day. "We would always talk about how he prepared to make his music, how he prepared for concerts. He would teach me what he did: How to make a 'Thriller' album, a 'Bad' album, all the details that went into it. It was all the validation that I needed - to know that I had to focus on my craft and never waver. Because what he did - and how he did it - was psychotic. He helped me get to a level where I was able to win three titles playing with Shaq because of my preparation, my study. And it's only all grown. That's the mentality that I have - it's not an athletic one. It's not from [Michael] Jordan. It's not from other athletes. It's from Michael Jackson."

Michael gave Kobe some of that Jesus Juice and the superpowers were on deck, it all makes so much sense now. 







With the new TSA Pat-Down implementations, questions are arising fast and furiously about where to draw the line between safety and personal liberties.  Whoopi came out firing on Fox News when she explained her passion to Mike Huckabee about the importance of “not getting blown out of the sky,” although some might say it’s being blown way out of proportion on the ground.
Yes, terrorism is something that America is having to adjust to-and is doing a rigorously fine job-but when longtime Charlotte, N.C., flight attendant and cancer survivor, Cathy Bossi, was forced to take out her breast prosthetics because of cancerous concerns going through the scanner.  
For now it looks like the Pat-Down isn’t going anywhere because there aren’t other solutions that take care of all concerns as of right now.  However, it should be noted that since 9/11 the TSA has not been responsible for catching, or stopping any attempts of terror.  Instead it has been the helping eyes, actions of passengers that thwarted “The Shoe-Bomber,” and the few other copy cats, save one, after he had already boarded the plane, after being let on regardless of being on the no-fly-list.  



       The Polish town of Swiebodzin unveiled the World’s largest Jesus statue.  Both Christians of all denominations and base jumpers of all faiths are gearing up to visit the brand new homage to the instigator of the B.C. /A.D. changeover. 


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