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There have been very few voices in hip-hop that literally shine every single time their on a track. Nate Dogg, Nathanial D. Hale, was one of those rare exceptions. His unwavering talent, and ability to lay down some of the dopest hooks that help make undeniable hits, is what wlll forever embelish Nate Dogg in hip-hop, especially on the West Coast. Anyone will tell you- Nate Dogg but the G in G-Funk


His loss will be felt across the 213, we send our prayers out to his family. Enjoy the greatness that was, Nate Dogg:  





It seems the grassroots movement is starting to take a blaze in America. Billboard magazine has finally taken notice to the insanely talented LA creative prodigy's known as OddFuture. Pick up a copy this week, the future of music and pop culture is there. 


Click Image To Visit The Dream Competition Website


With the stream of talent that is constantly growing on the internet, it was only right that TheeWebsite opened it's door to new faces, sounds, and talents for the chance of recording and releasing your next Debut Album.


TheeWebsite and High Valley Entertainment are presenting their first official music talent competition , The Dream Competition.  The competition will give the chance to both bands and solo artists to prove that they've got the ability and talent to be the next big indie artist. Artists will perform for our experienced and highly touted judges: Chris Anokute(Vice President A&Rof Motown Universal, found Katy Perry), Evan Ross(Actor/MoTownUniversal Artist and son of Diana Ross), and Tim Fagan(2010 Grammy Winner for "Lucky You").  


The first place winner will win: a 5 song E.P. recorded and mixed, a music video, photoshoot, and digital distribution via iTunes. If you've been waiting to make your dreams reality here's your chance: 






Last night the mystery man himself, Thom Yorke, performed a surprise DJ Set at the new hot spot in the Los Angeles music scene, Low End Theory. This was Yorke's first appearance since his band, Radiohead released their epic new album, The King of Limbs late last month. Lines wrapped around the corner once buzz came around that Yorke would actually be on deck, if you were there you got blessed, if not, enjoy the video below.






Over the last year and a half singer/songwriter, Tim Fagan has gone through the epic transitions of becoming a great artist. Form winning his first Grammy in 2010 for writing "Lucky You" with Colbie Callait, to finally completing his third solo album, self titled, Tim Fagan at High Valley Studios. 


With experience on deck, and an incredible album ready to be shared with the world, Tim is prepared to leave the comforts of at home living and all day songwriting, to be an artist, sharing his talents and voice with the masses. Check out his new EPK below, also make sur you follow Tim on his new Twitter: @TimFaganMusic . 




Tim will be performing the new music off the Tim Fagan LP for the first time this March at Hotel Cafe. You definitely don't to miss your chance to witness a baus ass show. 





Click Image to watch "Too Much Too Soon" Now


As V Sevani prepares to unveil Steps, his first music project as a solo artist, he has begun to put out a series o music videos as promotion. The firist song to be blessed with visuals, is "Too Much Too Soon". Set in a 1950's theme scene, V performs his single as he is haunted by home full of all the wrong choices, or are they? Checkout the video and let us knwo what you think. 


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