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                The Then Now and The Future Now are merging which means a Now of complete independence from any Past Futures or Future Pasts.  The Now which was exactly the wave we paddled back in time to ride into the tube, become centered with the Om of the whistling in the cave of ocean that both can wipe you out if you lose focus, but will push you forward with gained momentum out to a shoulder of clarity where you can see both a hope for a new wave, and the experience to know how to ride each wave of time and space as if you could die today being on the back burner of the dream that you will live forever.

                The Past no longer exists for anyone because at this point even the Future is the Past it’s all just a matter of time. 

                What we have learned from The Extinction of The Past is that there can’t be a Future when the Ying of what is behind us can’t be balanced with the Yang of what is to come. 

                There seems to be one moment on repeats itself in different expressions.

                There is an author, there is a story, and in this reoccurring moment we act out different aspects of our character.   Now we both experience ourselves, and the surrounding of Other Selves, who, like all Self both experience this moment, and are affected by the Moments of Surrounding Selves.

                We are not telling the story, but we are the characters.

                The story is that moment.

                The fallacies of coincidence have dissipated with the past.  The Future has been an illusion reflected off The History of Things We Can’t Know.

                The new history is one we can’t escape.

                The History of, The Infinite Moment.  









     Consider The People From The Future and The Then Now’s officially Thee Mash-Up.  We have no travel plans to go back to the future, although we are traveling ever towards where we have come from, knowing by the time we get there, the New Future won’t be the Future we came from, but the Future that we were sent back to insure. 


     In the New Future we are all equal beings, for no other reason than the sheer fact that we are, which was something that we didn’t understand in The Future about The Past, but The New Future will resemble a new culture, that, although The Future couldn’t predict…


     …it certainly will bring.


     Here, in The Then Now, we’re discussing The New Future, keeping The Old Future in mind, and taking into consideration that The Past was once an Old Future itself, but we’re not going back that far. 


     We didn’t come for the fear, but we’re staying until fear doesn’t fear itself because fear dissipates once it stops fearing itself.


     The People From The Future continue to build the Hub where these two separate worlds; one unaware of itself as a now, and the other now completely informed about the misnomers any past will steadily provide. 


     When everything is The Past, The Future, and Now all happening simultaneously, will allow everyone a second to look at themselves, then everyone, then back and forth eternally.  Until we realize that this is what is meant by parallel universe. 


     The Big Picture of All, replicated as itself, and seen as is, which is only itself, in which we are all a moving stagnation, and without a doubt a part of. 


     The People From The Future would like you to join us, joining you, joining us, joining you, into the mirrors, where we are always seeing only The New Future where Collaboration takes the place of One Man Armies.  Where there is no shame in letting credits fall into the pocket books of ideas themselves, and that’s when the sharing of knowledge both from the New and Old will become without a doubt The Thee. 


     And in Thee we will ignite The Year of The Spectrum which has already, no matter what Future or Past is referenced becomes the relevancy of who you are combined with who we are.


     The Thees.  









               The difference between The Then Now and The Future is simply The Here and There.  It is a grey area of blacks and whites determining the brightness and darkness of particulars hanging in the limbo of separation, waiting to combine in infinite varieties, escalating the determination of bond that will quickly evolve in to The Year of The Spectrum. 

                In The Future we predict this is that year.

                Something that was undetermined was what actually happened in the Then Now that sparked the ignition of the bonding of the blacks and whites.  What actually caused the greys to formulate into the spectrum?  We have been searching, amongst The People From The Future and, seemingly, we have found a paradox of centers and of middles. 

                We thought they were the same thing.

                The Future and The Then Now remain two separate realities, which we knew had evolved itself out of actuality, and into mythology like any future will do with it’s past. 

                We knew few actualities from The Then Now, because we weren’t ever there except for in the eternal natures that time instills in us at birth.

                What we didn’t know we had to do was turn the camera on ourselves.  We were filming everything in order to find one thing, and we filmed until is was determinably reasonable to look at the one thing we thought that in The Then Now, we wouldn’t need. 


                Before we could bring love forward, we had to love who we were.

                Accept our Future Nature, and start from the first square. 

                The first square we named it.

                It is the meeting place of the People From The Future.

                It has three crowns of a Mountain, The Humility of a Valley, and the determination of the good love, which when we were sent to here…

                …Then Then Now…                    

                …The Future…

                ....What we were sent here to create...

                …The Hive. 





The People From The Future Presents 

The Top 10 Music Videos From The Past Year



















                In the Future “The Media Era” is a part of History where Americans were caught off guard by a War that – by The Time of Realization – abandoned journalistic integrity, and with it good news.  The discovery of the death of journalism left us with a culture where The Media had hijacked Importance, then beat it rigidly like Tabloid Magazines Billy clubbing Teen Idols like unprotected baby Seals. 

         We hadn’t realized yet that “The Day of Emergency Fear” had left us with a bitter taste from a second helping of Bombs over Bagdad, that would Bleed from the wounds of a Foreign Diplomacy and into Pop Culture – which was America’s quick chocolate fix – into a recollection that yes, things get bad. 

However, they always get better.

This pertinent information was left out once “The Media Era” began to implode upon itself.

Luckily, in the Future this is fact.

The getting of better, was, and is what is still, even in the Future, referred to as The American Dream.

And this is why The People From The Future needed to come back to the “Then Now,” and remind The Past that happiness doesn’t come easy, nothing good does, and it’s good happiness that need to have a thorough refocusing.

I know it’s possible that you’re in a state of mind, and presence orbiting around the bad happiness.

When we talk about happiness we must realize there are two sides to every story.  One is a negative side that has been inflated, in the Then Now that the People from the Future have come to reconcile. 

There is also an equal and potentially greater positive, and with potential we will make the good happiness a restoration to its rightful Kingdom of Life.

The People From The Future were asked to come back and deflate issues of Personal Celebrity Tragedy, Hyper-Extremist Pundits, and a neurotic nation sunken in the depths of schizophrenic society.  We have been called to inflate a whoopee cusion of truth so that when the negative deflates “The Choosers of Hostility,” even they will be able to laugh at themselves and accept The Return of Good News.

In The Future “The Whoopee Cushion Effect” heals the wounds of those who chose hostility, to an alternative positivity.

The Comrades of a Kinship Kind.

We have some Then Now left to push through before the Whoopee Cushion Effect takes place, but it happens soon.

In History it happens right about now.

We already knew we’d be here.  We came into The Past for the changing of the Era Guards.  We knew that it is the time in the Then Now for the evolution into “The Golden Age of Joy.”

Continue in your perseverance no matter where you are, stay positive, avoid the bad until it is gone, you won’t have to wait long.

The American Dream is not dead, but it is veiled behind bad happiness, but the veil is dropping.

The positive continues to inflate and when it is sat upon it will sound like a symphonically accentuated Tuba, it will only be the effect of a Whoopee Cushion, but it will change everything.  



                It isn’t unusual to run light hearted campaigns in the name of charities searching for cures to grim diseases that commonly end in dire straits.  Laughter is the best medicine applies in all ailments, but certainly becomes a paramount cure when there is no pharmaceutical involved, or in the case of cancer, and in this case specifically breast cancer, the cure itself is a dangerous and grueling poisoning of bio hazardous chemo, usually followed by months of intensive blasts of radiation.

                The Staying a Breast Foundation decided to take up their funding by selling bracelets and T-Shirts with the phrase “I {Heart} Boobies” to continue the fight in finding a cure. 

                School Districts around the Country – most notably in Pennsylvania – have taken up a fight of their own by banning the merchandise from being worn at their schools.  Which begs a question who doesn’t love boobies?  And another; why can’t we express our love for boobies while funding their sustenance?

                The reasoning for the banning is that of degradation towards women based on the opinion that the word Boobies is demeaning slang.  In fact the word Boobies should replace outdated words like cool, awesome, and sweet.  When something even remotely good happens people everywhere should exclaim “Boobies!” 

                If a schools biggest worry is that their kids are helping to fund a cure for the number one life taking disease among women, we should count our blessings.  Elementary School Principles should be more concerned with the fact that our education system is failing our future generations in educating than the fact that young teenage boys – a specimen that rarely contributes anything at all to society – and girls are making a huge social impact.

                The lighter side of the debate is the free press the Staying a Breast Foundation is getting from Principles with deprioritized principles.  Let it be a lesson learned that Boobies will never be defeated, they will always stay in everyone’s top 3 things ever, and they are worth fighting tooth and nail for. 

                On a personal note my Mother is currently fighting breast cancer along with many mothers, daughters, and unfortunately even quite a few men.  I love her as much as a son possibly could as I don’t doubt all friends and families who are a part of this fight share with their loved ones.  It is something that she has taken in stride, and has stayed in good humor about, but has been an emotional and physical gauntlet that we can all agree should at all costs, we wouldn’t wish on our worst enemies.

                For more information about the “I Heart Boobies” campaign go to www.stayingabreast .com and please give what you can. 

                I love you Moms’.  



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